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Learn Croatian Phrases and Talk Like a Pro

In today’s post I’ll give you an opportunity to learn Croatian phrases you can use during your trip to Croatia. Yes, you will be learning basic Croatian language from a native, right from this page and completely for free. I will teach you how to say hello in Croatian, order a meal in the restaurant or try to hook up with that beautiful Croatian women. Or a men. You can thank me later.

I have already written about the best places to visit in Croatia and what to do and where to go in Croatia, but this is the fun part. Learning a few Croatian phrases will help you to interact with the locals or even make some new friends. Most people speak English in Croatia so it easy to communicate. But Croatians will certainly appreciate the effort. Above all, remember that people we meet in foreign countries enrich our travels more than sights do.

So are you ready to learn Croatian phrases and talk like a pro?

Learning Croatian

You might have heard that Croatian language is tough. But that’s not entirely true. Every language is hard to learn cause it’s different and unknown to you. For example, my late grandma was from Russia. She fell in love with my grandfather and came to live in Croatia as a young woman. He taught her to speak and write in Croatian. Over the years, she perfectly mastered the language. Moreover, you would never suspect that she’s a Russian.

Learning Croatian my not be easy during a short period of time, but with a little bit of practice, you can learn a few Croatian terms without a hassle.

Language in Croatia

In Croatia, each letter represents a single sound and words are written as they are pronounced. The Croatian alphabet has 30 letters in total and is different from the English alphabet in the following ways:

  • Additional Croatian letters: č, ć, dž, đ, lj, nj, š and ž
  • The Croatian alphabet doesn’t have the letters: q, w, x and y

Croatian language is very easily understood by Bosnians, Serbians and Montenegrins.

To sum up, you must remember that Croatian words are written as they are pronounced. There are no special combinations of letters that together create one sound. Most importantly, letters are pronounced the same, regardless of which their position in the word.

Croatian Flag ( image source: Max Pixel )

Learn Croatian phrases | English to Croatian

Common Croatian phrases

These can be useful in many different situations

Hello – Bok ( This a specific Croatian word because it can be used as hello and as bye)

Good morning – Dobro jutro

How are you? – Kako ste? ( formal ) Kako si? ( informal )

Fine, thanks – Dobro, hvala

Good afternoon – Dobar dan

My name is Linda – Zovem se Linda

I’m Linda – Ja sam Linda

What is your name? – Kako se zoveš? ( zovesh )

Nice to meet you – Drago mi je upoznati te

Good evening – Dobro večer ( vecher)

Good night – Laku noć ( noch)

Sleep well – Lijepo spavaj

Do you speak English? – Govoriš li Engleski?

I speak a little Croatian – Govorim malo hrvatski

I can’t speak Croatian – Ne govorim hrvatski

Do you understand? – Razumiješ li? ( Razumijesh )

I don’t understand – Ne razumijem

Where are you from? – Otkud si?

I’m from… – Ja sam iz…

Thank you / Thanks – Hvala

Thank you very much – Puno hvala

You’re welcome – Nema na čemu ( chemu)

Please – Molim

Yes, please – Da, molim

Yes – Da, No – ne

Goodbye – Doviđenja

See you soon – Vidimo se uskoro

I’m sorry – Žao mi je

Sorry – Oprostite ( formal ) Oprosti (informal)

Excuse me – Oprostite

Of course – Naravno

Of course not – Naravno da ne

What’s this? – Što je to?( Shto)

What’s that? – Što je ono? (Shto)

Why? – Zašto? ( Zashto? )

Why not? – Zašto ne? ( Zashto? )

Where? – Gdje?

Who? – Tko?

Let’s go! – Idemo!

What time is it? – Koliko je sati?

Today – danas

Tomorrow – Sutra

This evening – večeras ( vecheras )

Learn Croatian –  Ask for directions

Excuse me, do you know where is …? – Oprostite, znate li gdje se nalazi …?

I’m looking for … – Tražim …

Can you help me, please? – Možete li mi pomoći, molim vas?

I’m lost – Izgubio / Izgubila sam se

How do I get to …? – Kako da dođem do …?

Is it far? – Je li daleko?

Can you show me on a map? – Možete li mi pokazati na karti?

Left – lijevo

Right – desno

Could you call me a taxi? – Možete li mi pozvati taksi?

Croatian phrases – Eating & drinking

Can you recommend a good restaurant? – Možete li preporučiti dobar restoran? ( preporuchiti )

Do you have a free table? – Imate li slobodan stol?

I’ve got a reservation – Imam rezervaciju

Can I see the menu, please? – Mogu li vidjeti jelovnik, molim?

What do you recommend? – Što preporučujete? ( Shto preporuchujete? )

Do you have any local specialties? – Imate li neke lokalne specijalitete?

I’m allergic to … – Alergičan / Alergična sam na …

Could we have another bottle of vina? – Možemo li dobiti još jednu bocu vina? ( josh )

Check, please – Račun, molim ( rachun )

Can I buy you a drink? – Mogu li ti platiti piće?

Cheers! – Živjeli!

More useful Croatian phrases

How do you say … in Croatian? – Kako se kaže … na hrvatskom? ( kazhe )

What does it mean …? – Što znaci? ( Shto znachi?)

Where can I exchange money? – Gdje mogu razmjeniti novac?

I’ve lost my keys – Izgubio / izgubila sam ključeve ( kljucheve )

I’ve lost my passport – Izgubio / izgubila sam putovnicu

Is there a pharmacy nearby? – Ima li ljekarna u blizini?

Help  – Upomoć ( Upomoch )

Where can I rent a car? – Gdje mogu iznajmiti auto?

How much does it cost? – Koliko košta? ( koshta )

I like you – Sviđaš mi se ( Sviđash )

Could I take your phone number? – Mogu li dobiti tvoj broj telefona?

Image source : Pexels

How to swear in Croatian

Sorry, I will not teach you how to swear in Croatian. I don’t swear. Well, maybe sometimes. But even when I do, I try to modify it to sound more lady-like ( if that’s even possible ). In other words, I don’t feel qualify to learn you to swear in Croatian.

Also, there’s another reason why. Allegedly, Croatians are proud to have curse-words that can’t be translated in any language. I don’t think that is something to be proud of, but it’s true that we do have some really odd swear-words. By odd, I mean it sounds like gibberish if you try to literally translate it to English. So let’s put a swearing part aside for now.

I hope I have helped you to learn Croatian phrases, at least some of them. Do you have a friend or a family member who is traveling to Croatia soon? Share this article with them! If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section bellow.

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