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Travel Croatia With Kids : Family-Friendly (Survivor) Guide

Travel Croatia with kids may not be easy, but if you follow this kid-friendly travel guide and plan ahead, you’ll be just fine. In fact, family holidays in Croatia may be your best travel experience ever. Croatia is one of the most suitable destinations in Europe for families with kids of any age.

So you shouldn’t worry about bringing children along, as there is plenty things to do in Croatia for kids. And for adults too! Let’s start, shall we :)?

FAQ About Travel To Croatia With Kids

Is Croatia Safe Holiday Destination?

The first thing that you may be thinking is probably this: is Croatia safe to travel? Most importantly, is it safe for children? The answer is: yes, definitely! Croatia is a safe holiday destination for any type of travelers. The Institute for Economics & Peace ranks it higher than the U.S. for safety and security.

However, as everywhere, is better to be safe then sorry. Take care of your belongings, especially if you are using public transport.

Is Croatia Kid-Friendly?

Everybody already knows that Croatia is top destination for couples, but is it also for kids? Of course! Not only is Croatia a family friendly place to visit, Croatians are especially welcoming when it comes to children. That is to say, Croatia could very well be the most kid-friendly country on the Mediterranean.

Croatia is Paradise on Earth for Kids ( and for parents 🙂 )!

Is Croatia Good For Families?

Travel with kids in Croatia is not like traveling solo or as a couple. I learned that along the way. When you travel with children in Croatia, there are many things to consider.

For example, you want to enjoy your vacation, but need to make sure your kids have fun, too? It is not always easy to indulge everyone but Croatia has plenty to offer for the whole family.

Why You Should Travel To Croatia With Kids?

You may be wondering: why you should even consider to travel to Croatia with kids in the first place? I understand it can be overwhelming to plan such a trip. But visiting Croatia with your little ones is a recipe for fun and lifelong memories.

Also, family trips are a great way for children to meet and interact with other kids from around the world, who are close to their age and share common interests. Children in Croatia learn English language in school from the 1st grade.

So encourage your kids to talk to locals and learn about Croatian culture by themselves. I am always amazed how kids easily make new friends. Traveling is the best way to open up a child’s world to possibility and wonder.

Where To Go In Croatia With Kids

No matter where you travel in Croatia, your kids will find something cool to see & do. However, most families come to Croatia for the beaches and the history. And that you can find almost everywhere along the Adriatic coast!

Dubrovnik With Kids

Without the doubt, Dubrovnik is one of the best cities to visit in Croatia. And certainly the most popular Croatian tourist destination.

However, I wouldn’t recommended it to families with small children. For instance, the best way to fully explore Dubrovnik is by foot. So the little ones can easily get tired and cranky.

Also, Dubrovnik is overcrowded in summer season. Plan your stay in April, May or September to avoid walking along the city walls shoulder to shoulder with hordes of tourists.

Istria With Kids

I’ve said it so many times already on this blog, but Istria is my favorite place to travel in Croatia. In fact, traveling Istria with kids is our family thing. We go there once a year, at least for a short trip. For me ( and my children would agree), Istria is the most beautiful part of Croatia.

Also, there are many fun things to do in Istria with kids. Poreč and Rovinj are great bases for exploring nearby caves, great beaches, aqua parks and super-fun Dino park in Funtana. Also, don’t miss to visit the magnificent amphitheater in Pula! I still remember that jaw-dropping moment when my kids saw it for the first time.

Arena in Pula, Croatia

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Split With Kids

Kick of your Croatia family holiday in Split, Dalmatia. This is one of the best places to visit in Croatia for people of any age. But there is also so much to do in Split with kids.

Explore the Dioclecian palace, take a walk to Marjan, visit the biggest aquarium in Croatia, have day trips from Split to nearby islands or Krka Falls.

Zagreb With Kids

Traveling around Croatia with kids, you might be wondering if Zagreb is worth a visit. Yes, it is! If possible, you should seriously consider a short stay in Zagreb. Kids will love it! Visit Museum of Illusions, Tunnel Grič, Maksimir Park, Jarun lake and Zagreb Zoo.

Best Croatian Island For Kids

Your sense of adventure doesn’t disappear just because you have kids, so why not spend family holidays on an island in Croatia?

Rab island is consider the best Croatian island for families with kids. It’s safe, fun and quiet. Also, Lopar village on the Island of Rab has 22 sandy beaches to enjoy during summer season. However, my vote for the best Croatian island for kids goes to Lošinj Island, Kvarner region.

My family in Mali Lošinj, Croatia

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Things To Do In Croatia With Kids

Spending Family Holidays in Croatia will keep your little ones entertained and happy. There are some much things to do in Croatia with kids! So let’s mention some of them.

Aqua Parks In Croatia

One of the best ways to have fun with kids is to spend a day at water park. Most of them are located on the Adriatic coast – from Istria to Dalmatia, and are opened only during season ( from May to September ).

These are the best aqua parks in Croatia which will provide you and your kids an unforgettable and fun experience:

  • Čikat Aquapark – Mali Lošinj, Kvarner region
  • Dalmatia Aquapark – Solaris, Šibenik
  • Aquacolors – Poreč, Istria
  • Istralandia – Nova Vas, Istria

Croatia Beaches For Kids

When you’re spending summer vacation in Croatia with kids, hitting the beach is an obvious choice. Croatia is at the top in Europe for its crystal clean sea. Your kids will love to play in the shallow water, build sandcastles or meet local children their age.

Hidrobaza Beach in Pula, Croatia

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Croatia Aquariums

My kids love aquariums! Last year we visited aquarium in Pula, Istria. It’s situated within the 130-year-old fort “Verudela”, once part of the powerful defense complex “Fortress Pula”. There are hundreds of fish species from the Adriatic and several tropical marine and fresh water species, as well as fish from Croatian lakes and rivers.

Aguarium Pula, Croatia
Fake Shark in Aquarium Pula, Croatia

However, as I mentioned above, the largest marine aquarium in Croatia is located in Split, Dalmatia. On a total area of 800 m2 there are more then 130 fish species, including ( real ) sharks.

Semi Submarines In Croatia

The semi-submarine is an unique experience, both for kids and parents. It looks just like a real submarine, but it is equipped and designed for guests to explore the amazing underwater world of Adriatic sea.

Semi-submarine in Mali Lošinj, Croatia

The semi-submarines excursions are available in all major Croatian tourist destinations along the Adriatic coast. We went on a 45-min tour in Mali Lošinj and it was a really nice experience for the whole family.

Theme And Nature Parks In Croatia

Kids love theme parks where they can play and learn a bit of something new. When a theme park has dinosaurs as its main theme – well then a visit to the park is an absolute must! Dinoparks in Funtana (Istria) and Omiš (Dalmatia) are a great choice for your kids to meet these long extinct animals.

There is also a smaller Dinosaur Park located on Brijuni islands in Istria. My kids really enjoyed it. Brijuni Islands National Park is an archipelago consisting of 14 islands off the coast of Istria. The nature there is unbelievably beautiful, with lots of animals freely walking around. We went with an organized tour by boat from Fažana to Veli Brijun island.

Dinosaur park, Brijuni, Croatia
Cuteness overload, Brijuni Croatia

Spending holidays in Croatia with kids is an ideal chance for your young ones to meet animals typical for the Mediterranean area. In Sutivan Nature Park located on the island of Brač animals are used to being around both kids and adults. Meet friendly goats, sheep and everyone’s favorite Croatian animal – donkey.

Where To Stay In Croatia With Kids

Croatia is one of the the best destinations in Europe to spend holidays with children. As a family-friendly country, it offers accommodation specially crafted for families with kids.

Hotels For Kids In Croatia

There are many kid-friendly hotels in Croatia where you can stay with children. They offer direct beach access and lots of activities for the little ones. One of the great features of the Booking.com website is you can search by Family Hotels.

Croatia All-Inclusive Resorts

With activities to appeal to every generation, food choices and itineraries to suit all ages, consider a cruise or All-Inclusive Resort. Is the best way to save money when traveling with kids. All-inclusive resorts in Croatia allow children up to certain age to stay for free when using existing beds. You will need to check each hotel’s child policy separately.

To this day, when it comes to kid-friendly accommodation in Croatia, beach resorts are the most popular choice for parents all over the world.

Consider Apartment Rental

An excellent budget-friendly alternative to hotels would be renting an apartment. You’ll get more space, a kitchen, a washing machine, and separate bedrooms. These extra facilities on a long stay can make your family travel trip so much more enjoyable.

For example, you can prepare a traditional Croatian dinner on your own. Or, if you are lucky as I am, you’re married to a chef who will prepare it for you ( photo bellow ). Not to brag, but he also caught the fish and cleaned it all by himself. Yay!

Our dinner in apartment, Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Traveling To Croatia With Kids: Travel tips

1. Try Local Croatian Food – and encourage your kids to do so!

Croatian food is soooooo delicious! Try different restaurants, taste different food, write down authentic Croatian recipes. Every region of Croatia has its own distinct culinary tradition.

Insider Tip: Eat away from the tourist streets – it will usually be cheaper and more authentic. Don’t afraid to reach out and ask local people for recommendations.

2. Set a Family Travel Budget – but also splurge a little!

Travel Croatia with kids does not have to be expensive. In fact, it’s a lot cheaper then Italy or France. But it helps to decide on a comfortable budget that works for your family. Include items such as souvenirs, entertainment, and a few unexpected activities.

Insider Tip: Sometimes get crazy and blow your daily travel budget. Go splurge on a famous restaurant, rent a yacht for a day, do something incredible. By doing something new together, your kids will be impressed with your sense of adventure and curiosity.

3. Do The Free Stuff – and try new things!

On the other hand, while traveling Croatia with kids, there are lots of free stuff you can do. Furthermore, it will give your family a glimpse into local history and culture. So pack some extra activities into your schedule without emptying your wallet. Visit historical sites, enjoy street art and festivals or museum nights ,and look for open-air green markets to explore.

Insider Tip: Get lost on purpose. Or just pretend you are! During our travels across Croatia, we often just roam around and go off beaten track with our kids. But just in case, write down the name of your hotel so you can ask locals for direction or catch a taxi back if needed.

4. Take Photos – and give your kids to take their own pictures!

Consider giving your child a cheap digital camera. My kids love taking their own pictures ( photos bellow ). Is fascinating to see travel through their eyes. Plus, it’s fun how they love to take photos of the most random things they see, lol. We cherish those photos like any others, because they provide a lasting memory of our wonderful experiences together.

Candy store in Pula, Croatia
Wooden dog in Mali lošinj, Croatia

4. Learn a Little Bit of the Croatian Language – and teach your kids too!

Like any country you may visit, cultures always appreciate it if you use at least a little bit of the language when you are there. For kids, it’s part of the learning experience and it is easy to teach them few basics Croatian Phrases. For instance, hello on Croatian is “Bok” and it’s specific word because it’s used as hello and as a goodbye.

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Štinjan near Pula, Croatia

Ignore my younger son in the back of the photo, he was not so eager to leave the park. Just look at that face, lol. Anyway, I hope this post helped you in your decision to visit Croatia with kids. See Ya!

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