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What To Wear In Croatia : 11 Outfits To Rock Croatian Style

Wondering what to wear in Croatia during your trip? No worries! Here are 11 mix & match travel outfit ideas to rock Croatian fashion style during any season! So if you are not sure what to pack for Croatia when it comes to clothing, this post will get you inspired!

Many travelers are searching information on what to wear in Croatia because they don’t want to stand out like a tourist. Not only blending in with the locals is part of the fun but there are also a few clothing guidance in Croatia that are necessary to follow.

For instance, you need to cover up your shoulders and wear long skirt or pants when visiting religious sites. It’s consider to be disrespectful ( and often forbidden ) to enter a church wearing a sleeveless top.

So if you visiting Croatia in summer make sure to pack a lightweight scarf. I love scarves because they are so great for travelers! Scarves can be used to spice up any outfit, as a cover up or even to tie your hair in a fashionable way.

Croatian Style : What To Wear In Croatia

I live in Croatia and I’ve traveled all over my country, so I’m happy to help you with tips on what to wear in Croatia.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight; you don’t need to dress like a Croatian! No one will expect that from you! Always wear what makes you most comfortable. That’s not always what Croatians would be wearing… but that’s perfectly okay.

Although Croatian style may vary in different parts of the country, in general is similar to European fashion. Croatians love to follow trends, but they always find a way to customize an outfit to suit their personal taste. So should you!

Weather In Croatia

Most places in Croatia offer good weather year around although the climate depends on the distance from the Adriatic Sea. For instance, Croatian cities in North Dalmatia are perfect examples of typical Mediterranean climate.

July and August are the warmest months and January and February are the coldest months of the year.

In Croatia, Summers are long and hot with temperatures above 30°C. Rainfall is generally moderate year round but often unpredictable. Winters are fairly mild with an exception of Continental Croatia.

The most popular time to visit Croatia is from June to September. Summers along the coast and islands offer between 10 and 12 hours of sunshine per day.

Croatia Travel Essentials

The most essential pieces to pack for Croatia are water shoes, stylish sunglasses, and comfortable walking shoes or sandals.

Even if you don’t mind whether you dress like the locals do, you won’t want to forget sunglasses! The sun is rather strong in Croatia, even in Spring, so protect your eyes with a fashionable pair of shades.

The second most important thing to pack for Croatia are comfortable shoes. Or sandals if you are traveling in Summer. I always wear Birkenstock and I love them because they are cute, durable and great for walking.

My favorite Birkenstock model is Madrid and I have three pairs in different colors. Many cities in Croatia have lots of cobblestone streets so a good travel shoe is very important. You can thank me later!

What To Wear In Croatia In Spring : March, April, June

Sometimes is not easy to decide what to wear in Croatia in Spring, even for the locals, because weather is mostly unpredictable. The temperatures can vary from chilly to warm and sometimes even hot. So if you plan to visit Croatia in Spring make sure to check the weather forecast before you start to pack for your trip.

Spring is the best time to travel to Croatia if you want to avoid tourist crowds, especially if you wish to visit Dubrovnik.

When planning on what to wear in Croatia during the Spring season, look for bright and pastel colors; when it’s sunny, it’s very warm. Jeans are a must, along with comfortable trousers and skirts in light fabrics.

Match your bottoms with a cute t-shirt or lightweight blouse, and don’t forget a sweater and light jacket for layering on cold days and evenings. Also pack a trench coat and waterproof shoes for unexpected rainstorms.

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What To Wear In Croatia In Summer : June, July, August

Summers in Croatia are insanely hot: temperatures can reach 33°C or even higher. So be careful to protect yourself during the hottest hours of the day by wearing sun cream and a sun hat.

My favorite sun-cream is Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Creme-Gel spf50. It’s the only cream that helped me to completely avoid sun rash since I’ve developed an allergy to sun exposure about 4 years ago.

When packing for summer vacation in Croatia, choose light and bright colored clothing. Natural fabric as cotton and linen are the best.

Don’t forget to pack a cute colorful bikini and sunglasses. If you don’t want to show too much skin, opt for an elegant one-piece swimsuit or pack a beach cover up.

When sightseeing, dress comfortably with loose and light clothes. As I mentioned above, bring a scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders for coverage if you plan to visit religious places.

Pack a pair of nice summer sandals and canvas shoes for the day and a pair of open-toe heels for a night out. In summer, most events in Croatia are held outside and these are the best times to wear your favorite cocktail dress.

What To Wear In Croatia In Fall : September, October, November

When it comes to weather in Croatia in fall, it isn’t much different from Spring. These two seasons are very similar. For example, September is a great month to visit Croatia; there are no tourist crowds and the sea is still warm enough so you can swim.

If you wondering what to wear in Croatia in Fall, you can pack the same items we mentioned in spring section. The only thing you must add is an umbrella. You can also change the color scheme of the outfits you plan to wear. In fall, stick to dark denim – it’s always in style.

What To Wear In Croatia In Winter : December, January, February

As mentioned before, winter in Croatia is rather mild along the Adriatic Coast. However, in Continental Croatia, winters are much colder, often with lots of snow. So if you visiting Zagreb in winter, make sure to pack a pair of warm gloves, a thick scarf and a hat.

The rule in winter in Croatia is to dress in layers as temperatures might change during the day, so pack some long-sleeve tops, warm sweaters and cardigans. Stylish winter coat or a quilted jacket and waterproof leather boots are essential.

For ultimate Croatian street style inspiration, follow @cromoda on Instagram. It’s the best place for a daily dose of Croatian fashion!

Thank you for reading! In this post we’ve covered what to wear in Croatia in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I hope this suggestions will help you to pack for Croatia!

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